Raw Timber Flooring Available

Eco-friendly, stylish, cost-effective & durable

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We supply exclusive, unique wide boards that are custom finished on-site to achieve a perfect finish. This is a high-end quality timber flooring product, used by architects… without a high-end price.

More stable because...

We use thick top layers on a well constructed base of multi-layer ply to ensure stability and long life.

We use the most beautiful hand selected timbers from France. They are milled perfectly and, because they are engineered, these wide boards create a floor that is more stable than a solid timber floor. It won’t buckle or warp like a solid timber floor.

Our wide boards can be used in many different applications:

  • direct stick to concrete
  • nailed
  • onto an existing floor
  • floating floor.

Better than pre-finished because...

Using raw timber floor is better than using a pre-finished products as it allows other trades to finish off things like kitchen installation and joinery. Other trades can walk on the floor without risk of scratching a pre-finished surface.

Once all other trades have finished their work, we step in again to provide the finishing process for the raw oak, leaving a perfect finished floor which is free of scratches and damage.

Available in three stock sizes...

RAW 190

190 x 1900 x 20/6mm

RAW 260

260 x 2200 x 20/6mm

RAW 300

300 x 2200 x 20/6mm

RAW Chevron

840 x 190 x 20/6mm
Elegance dating back to the 17th century. This uniquely-sized board is unmatched in the industry.

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Each of the above are engineered boards that are precisely machined with seamless matching ends.

On the top layer, they feature a 6mm lamella which is sourced from France where special attention has been given to selecting timber for its visual features and natural beauty.

The lamella is bonded onto a multi-layer eucalyptus plywood base to provide stability and performance not previously experienced by using wide boards.

MFS Flooring Group p/t offers a 25 year structural warranty.


Our installation team will handle all

  • Supply & Delivery. We supply and or deliver Australia wide.
  • Installation & Finishing. Our installation team will handle all installation, sanding & polishing, creating the perfect colour and finish of your choice.

Available in custom sizes?

Yes, you can order custom sizes. Give us a call on 0434 885 763 to discuss your needs. We’d love to hear from you.