Beautify Your Houses Interior With Timber Flooring in Newport

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Sustainable Timber Flooring for your property in Newport

Timber flooring is the perfect flooring option as it is environmentally-friendly, durable, termite-resistant, and long-lasting. Here at MFS Flooring Group, we pride ourselves on offering safe and durable flooring which has anti-slip and anti-pest qualities.

MFS Flooring Group offers excellent Timber Flooring Installations for all property owners in Newport.

The homeowners in the Newport area require top-class floorings for their homes during Home-renovations and Home-improvement. We present our customers with an array of options for floorings. Our qualified floor specialists are experts in completing installations with finesse.

Our floorings are made up of high-grade raw materials to guarantee high-quality Timber Flooring. Our floorings are eco-friendly and non-allergenic, whilst being simple to maintain and repair.

We provide high-quality Engineered and Floating Floorings for domestic and industrial purposes. For European Oak (French Oak) floors we use well-finished and seasoned Oak. We improve the aesthetic appeal of your homes with our gorgeous floors.

Here at MFS Flooring Group, we have a wonderful rapport with our customers in Newport, consistently exceeding their expectations and providing above-satisfactory results.

Reach us or visit our office to get further information about our flooring services and flooring renovations.


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